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Walk My Dog In Sutton Coldfield

Need a truly professional dog walker in Sutton Coldfield?

Then look no further than us! Here at Sutton K9 Services we understand that people have busy lives, but more importantly we understand dogs, which is why we are here to ensure your dog gets all the stimulation and exercise he needs.

By investing in our services, you’ll ensure your dog gets plenty of fresh air, attention and appropriate exercise, whilst knowing that they are in safe knowledgeable hands at all times.

As qualified dog trainers, not only are we able to walk your dog but we are best placed to care for it and help you identify any issues or training needs. As owners of dogs ourselves, we understand that your dog’s safety is the number one priority. That is why we always keep them on a leash unless you give us written permission to take it off and will only do so once we are happy that your dog has a safe recall.

Our prices are as follows:

Group walks - £8.00 (30 Minutes), £12.00 (1 Hour)

Solo walks - £10.00 (30 Minutes), £15.00 (1 Hour)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07817 013722.

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