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Professional Dog Trainer Walmley

Get the very best out of your dog with a professional dog trainer in Walmley

No dog is too old to learn new tricks, and if you want to get the very best out of your dog and improve your bond, you’ll benefit from our dog training in Walmley.

Well-behaved dogs are a pleasure to own, and training is the best way to ensure your dog grows into a well-behaved and happy pet. By training your dog properly you’ll realise the benefits which dogs can bring to peoples’ lives, all the while having a truly special and unbreakable bond.

Understanding your dog and how to manage his or her behaviour is one of the main aspects of dog training. Dog training will allow you to address any behaviour problems your dog may be exhibiting, problems that might be making life difficult for you.

Here at Sutton K9 Services we want to help you get the very best out of your dog with our affordable dog training sessions. We offer one-to-one obedience training sessions that last 30 minutes for just £20. After an initial assessment, we’ll be able to address any concerns you have as well as looking at correcting certain behaviours.

If you’d like to book an initial assessment, call us today on 07817 013722.

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