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Dog Trainer Sutton Coldfield

Are you experiencing problems walking your dog? Is your dog displaying behavioural issues? Perhaps you’re looking for the help of a dog trainer in Sutton Coldfield?

A dog learns from every interaction it encounters within its environment, informing and conditioning its development. Dog training is all about teaching a dog to respond to commands and altering its behaviour.

It can involve making a dog more amenable to a domestic environment, especially if it’s a rescue dog. It can also involve basic obedience training or training for certain activities such as hunting, shooting, search and rescue, law enforcement and for guiding the blind.

Do you require dog training for your canine buddy?

Whether you have a late starter or a recue dog, at Sutton K9 Service we’re here to help get the very best out of your dog.

Whether you’re having issues with dog training, or your dog is showing signs of intimidation and aggression, or if you simply want it to stop chasing the cat, we can help with your dog training. Not only will it result in a better behaved dog, but it’s likely to strengthen your bond and improve your relationship. 

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